What our customers are saying


"Partnering with Cerebras enables us to invent the future of generative AI, by doing things that are impractical or simply impossible with traditional infrastructure. Our collaboration with Cerebras accelerates the potential of generative AI, bringing its benefits to our rapidly growing customer base around the globe.”

Dave Rogenmoser

CEO of Jasper


"The Cerebras CS-2 is a critical component that allows GSK to train language models using biological datasets at a scale and size previously unattainable. These foundational models form the basis of many of our AI systems and play a vital role in the discovery of transformational medicines."

Kim Branson

SVP Global Head of AI and ML


"TotalEnergies’ roadmap is crystal clear: more energy, less emissions. To achieve this, we need to combine our strengths with those who enable us to go faster, higher, and stronger… We count on the CS-2 system to boost our multi-energy research and give our research ‘athletes’ that extra competitive advantage."

Vincent Saubestre

CEO & President
TotalEnergies Research & Technology USA


"Training which historically took over 2 weeks to run on a large cluster of GPUs was accomplished in just over 2 days — 52hrs to be exact — on a single CS-1. This could allow us to iterate more frequently and get much more accurate answers, orders of magnitude faster."

Nick Brown

Head of AI & Data Science

Argonne National Laboratory

"Cerebras allowed us to reduce the experiment turnaround time on our cancer prediction models by 300x, ultimately enabling us to explore questions that previously would have taken years, in mere months."

Dr. Rick Stevens

Associate Laboratory Director of Computing, Environment and Life Sciences
Argonne National Laboratory

National Energy Technology Laboratory

"We used the original CS-1 system, which features the WSE, to successfully perform a key computational fluid dynamics workload more than 200 times faster and at a fraction of the power consumption than the same workload on the Lab’s supercomputer JOULE 2.0.”

Dr. Dirk Van Essendelft

ML and Data Science Engineer

Our unique technology

Wafer-Scale Cluster

The Cerebras Wafer-Scale Cluster delivers unprecedented near-linear scaling and a remarkably simple programming model.

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CS-2 System

Purpose built for AI and HPC, the field-proven CS-2 replaces racks of GPUs. Gone are the challenges of parallel programming and distributed training.

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Wafer-Scale Engine

The revolutionary central processor for our deep learning computer system is the largest computer chip ever built and the fastest AI processor on Earth.

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Software Platform

The Cerebras Software Platform integrates with TensorFlow and PyTorch, so researchers can effortlessly bring their models to CS-2 systems and clusters.

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Flexible Deployment

On or off-premises, Cerebras Cloud meshes with your current cloud-based workflow to create a secure, multi-cloud solution.

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