Cerebras CS-3 vs. Nvidia B200: 2024 AI Accelerators Compared

In the fast-paced world of AI hardware, the Cerebras CS-3 and Nvidia DGX B200 are two of the most exciting new…

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Cerebras CS-3: the world’s fastest and most scalable AI accelerator

Today Cerebras is introducing the CS-3, our third-generation wafer-scale AI accelerator purposely built to train the…

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Cerebras Software Release 2.0: 50% Faster Training, PyTorch 2.0 Support, Diffusion Transformers, and More

Today we are excited to announce Cerebras software release 2.0. R2.0 is the biggest software update to our platform…

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How we fine-tuned Llama2-70B to pass the US Medical License Exam in a week

New open-access model by M42 outperforms GPT-3.5 in standardized medical exam.

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Introducing Condor Galaxy 1: a 4 exaFLOPS Supercomputer for Generative AI

Cerebras, in partnership with G42 unveils CG-1, a 4 exaFLOPS AI supercomputer for training large generative models.

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