Today, we proudly announced our pivotal role as a founding member of the AI Alliance, an initiative orchestrated by IBM and Meta. Comprised of leading organizations spanning industry, startups, academia, research, and government, the AI Alliance is a beacon of open innovation and science in AI. Our participation in this collaborative effort aims to shape the trajectory of AI evolution, aligning with the diverse needs and complexities of our society. 

This marks the third alliance Cerebras has joined, solidifying our commitment to championing open innovation, ensuring ethical governance in AI, and harnessing the power of AI for societal good, with a key emphasis on inclusivity and sustainability. 

AI Alliance: Fostering Open Innovation Ethically  

The AI Alliance, a consortium of leading organizations across sectors, aspires to propel the AI community toward open science and technology. With a global and action-oriented approach, this alliance aims to establish benchmarks, evaluation standards, and tools that facilitate the ethical and responsible development and implementation of AI systems worldwide. This aligns closely with Cerebras’ mission as we collaborate with diverse institutions to advance open foundation models, nurture an AI hardware accelerator ecosystem, and contribute to global AI skills building. 

The AI Alliance aims to enhance projects that meet the following ethical objectives:  

  • Develop and deploy benchmarks and evaluation standards, tools, and resources that enable the responsible development and use of AI systems globally, including creating a catalog of vetted safety, security, and trust tools.  
  • Responsibly advance the ecosystem of open foundation models with diverse modalities, including highly capable multilingual, multi-modal, and science models that can address society-wide challenges in climate, education, and beyond. 
  • Foster a vibrant AI hardware accelerator ecosystem by boosting contributions and adoption of essential enabling software technology. 
  • Support global AI skills building and exploratory research. Engage the academic community to support researchers and students in learning and contributing to essential AI model and tool research projects. 
  • Develop educational content and resources to inform the public discourse and policymakers on benefits, risks, solutions, and precision regulation for AI. 
  • Launch initiatives that encourage open development of AI in safe and beneficial ways; host events to explore AI use cases and showcase how Alliance members are using open technology in AI responsibly and for good. 

AI Platform Alliance: Revolutionizing AI Infrastructure Ethically  

Recently, Cerebras also joined the AI Platform Alliance, a consortium focusing on scalable AI solutions. Addressing the demand for escalating compute power required for AI training and inferencing, the alliance promotes collaboration and validation of joint AI solutions that surpass traditional GPU-based performance. The Platform Alliance aims to enhance the power and cost efficiency of AI hardware. Cerebras stands alongside fellow members, playing a key role in driving transparent, accessible, and socially responsible AI innovation, and making AI more. 

The AI Platform Alliance upholds the following ethical values:  

  • Openness – Promoting open and transparent AI development. 
  • Efficiency – Ensuring AI solutions are efficient and affordable for widespread use. 
  • Sustainability – Fostering sustainable and socially responsible AI infrastructure. 

Trillion Parameter Consortium: Driving Trustworthy Generative AI Ethically  

In collaboration with scientists, research institutes, and industry partners worldwide, Cerebras is a key participant in the Trillion Parameter Consortium (TPC). Spearheaded by Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), this initiative focuses on advancing trustworthy and reliable generative AI models for scientific discovery, addressing challenges in scalable model architectures, training, and data management. Cerebras is committed to contributing to TPC’s foundational work areas, including identifying high-quality training data, designing and evaluating model architectures, and developing cross-cutting capabilities. The consortium positions Cerebras at the forefront of large-scale AI, leveraging exascale computing for groundbreaking scientific discovery. 

The TPC will execute on the following ethical goals: 

  • Build an open community of researchers interested in creating state-of-the-art large-scale generative AI models aimed broadly at advancing progress on scientific and engineering problems by sharing methods, approaches, tools, insights, and workflows. 
  • Incubate, launch, and coordinate projects voluntarily to avoid duplication of effort and to maximize the impact of the projects in the broader AI and scientific community.  
  • Create a global network of resources and expertise to facilitate the next generation of AI and bring together researchers interested in developing and using large-scale AI for science and engineering. 

Cerebras’ active role in these influential alliances highlights our commitment to shaping the future of AI responsibly. We focus on safety, governance, AI for good, and inclusivity while  contributing to cutting-edge technological advancements and fostering a collaborative ecosystem where innovation is harnessed for the benefit of society. As these alliances evolve, Cerebras stands ready to lead the charge towards a more transparent, accessible, and socially responsible era of artificial intelligence.