DevOps / IT Engineer

Cerebras is developing a radically new chip and system to dramatically accelerate deep learning applications. Our system runs training and inference workloads orders of magnitude faster than contemporary machines, fundamentally changing the way ML researchers work and pursue AI innovation.

We are innovating at every level of the stack – from chip, to microcode, to power delivery and cooling, to new algorithms and network architectures at the cutting edge of ML research. Our fully-integrated system delivers unprecedented performance because it is built from the ground up for the deep learning workload.

Cerebras is building a team of exceptional people to work together on big problems. Join us!


The Role:

You will develop and maintain the IT and Engineering infrastructure required to build, test, operate, simulate, and evaluate the Cerebras CS1. As a DevOps / IT engineer, you will be responsible for design implementation and upkeep of efficient, automated scalable services for automating processes in the cloud and in our datacenter. You will assist with general IT tasks and will work closely with the development and product management teams to monitor the quality and performance of the software that runs on the Wafer Scale Engine (WSE), the world’s largest and fastest AI computer.


Required Skills:

  • Minimum 6+ years of DevOps and/or Linux System administration required
  • Proficient in Python, Shell scripting, Ansible, git, Terraform, Vault, Grafana, Zabbix
  • Experience with AWS parallel cluster, SLURM, SGE, Singularity, AWS Batch
  • Datacenter / Virtualization experience is required
  • Deep experience with AWS architecture, networking, monitoring, cost control
  • Experience with ASIC design software and GPU clusters a plus
  • Strong end-to-end triage, debug, and troubleshooting skills.
  • Experience with Jenkins and other CI/CD platforms
  • Experience with Docker, Kubernetes and container technology in general
  • Get it done / strong team player mentality, not afraid to help wherever they can
  • Security focused


Los Altos, CA


  • IT/Devops:


  • Headquarters/Los Altos Office

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