Current Openings

Cerebras Systems is building a product that will fundamentally shift the compute landscape, accelerate intelligence, and evolve the nature of work.  

To do this, we are assembling a diverse and tightly-knit team of world-class hardware and software engineers, machine learning researchers, and entrepreneurial business professionals that are drawn to work on hard problems, deliver real solutions to users, and bring positive change to the world.

Interested in joining the team? Take a look at our current openings below or contact us to learn more.

Embedded Software Engineer

Develop embedded software programs for Cerebras’ custom hardware system to test functionality...

Software Engineer – Analysis and Debug

Develop and implement a debugging system for Cerebras’ custom hardware and software...

Data Scientist

Use TensorFlow and other frameworks to train deep networks on Cerebras software and hardware.

API/Backend Engineer

Design and develop an API-based backend supporting our system’s custom user interface.

Software Verification Engineer

Develop and execute full stack tests alongside machine learning scientists and other software...

Compiler Engineer

Create parts of a compiler framework that takes DAGs as input and creates distributed code as...

ML Framework Developer

Develop a framework that takes input from neural network frameworks...

Machine Learning Scientist

An applied research and engineering position with focus on machine learning algorithm development......


Create high-performance linear-algebra and machine-learning kernels for custom processors.