Senior Software Engineer

Job duties:

  • Design and execute test plans for the Cerebras neural network training system to provide a high-quality system software product.
  • Validate system software checkpoints offloads, training quality, training performance, and full stack integration through software and hardware.
  • Set up testbeds which include high performing compute machines like Cerebras systems, Servers, Networking hardware like routers and switches and storage devices like solid state devices and Network attached storage.
  • Design software and hardware integrated tests for high performance data ingest over 100Gbps TCP/IP network using a cluster of feeding servers with built in fault tolerance and parallel processing of feeding data with distributed systems design.
  • Software development of tools and test automation using Python, C, C++, Golang, Linux Shell and integration with Jenkins framework.
  • Create neural network test models using TensorFlow, Pytorch and Python.
  • Defect debugging and performance modeling of deep learning models on Cerebras systems and optimizations using software tools.
  • Document scripts, configurations, procedures, test results, and defects.
  • Analyze customer issues and design automated tests to duplicate them.
  • Work closely with Product Management and Engineering in understanding feature requirement and verifying features are developed as per the spec.

Minimum Requirements:

Master’s degree or foreign equivalent degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or a related field and 3 years of work experience as Member of Technical Staff – QA, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Senior Software Development Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Member of Technical Staff, Software Engineer, or a related occupation required.

Required Skills:

  • Development of test automation frameworks using Go, python and shell scripting;
  • Experience with software development and version tracking tools: git for C++, Go and python;
  • Experience with operating system CentOS Linux;
  • Experience with hypervisor technologies VMware ESXi and KVM;
  • Test planning and test execution using automation frameworks and Jenkins; and
  • Experience with servers, storage arrays, networking switches, hard disk and solid state drives.

Additional Information:

Employer’s name: Cerebras Systems Inc. 

Job site: 175 S. San Antonio Road, Suite 100, Los Altos, CA 94022

If you are interested in applying for this position, please mail resume with Job# 102 to HR at Cerebras Systems Inc., 175 S. San Antonio Road, Suite 100, Los Altos, CA 94022.

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