Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Blending high performance computing with artificial intelligence

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is home to the National Ignition Facility, which conducts nuclear fusion research using the world’s most powerful laser. However, their inertial confinement experiments are very expensive and time consuming on GPUs. To speed up simulations and get to insights faster, LLNL added a Cerebras system to its Lassen supercomputer, offloading AI workloads to our dedicated accelerator and delivering 18 million DNN inferences per second.

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"Integrating Cerebras technology into the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory supercompute infrastructure enabled us to build a truly unique compute pipeline with massive computation, storage, and thanks to the Wafer Scale Engine, dedicated AI processing."

Bronis de Supinski

CTO, Livermore Computing @ Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL): Bronis R. de Supinski