"[The CS-2] is unique in the AI computing space in that we will have multiple clusters at NCSA that address the various levels of AI and machine learning needs…HOLL-I consisting of the CS-2 [is] the crown jewel of our capabilities."

Dr. Volodymyr Kindratenko

Director of the Center for Artificial Intelligence Innovation @  NCSA

NCSA and Cerebras

NCSA Deploys Cerebras CS-2 in New HOLL-I Supercomputer for Large-Scale Artificial Intelligence

Meet HOLL-I: NCSA, Cerebras Systems Unveil New Artificial Intelligence Machine - NCSA

NCSA unveils new system, HOLL-I, equipped with Cerebras CS-2 for public and industrial artificial intelligence research and development.

New supercomputing resources at NCSA

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