Tomorrow's Supercomputing Achieved Today With Cerebras

Cerebras collaborated with researchers at Sandia National Laboratories, Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the National Nuclear Security Administration on this record setting result to unlock the millisecond-scale for scientists, enabling them to see further into the future than ever before.

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Quotes From National Laboratory Leaders

Siva Rajamanickam

Sandia National Laboratories, Principal Member of Technical Staff

“The NNSA’s Advanced Memory Technologies program started 1.5 years ago with the goal of 40x performance improvement on critical NNSA applications over what can be achieved on exascale systems. We all had our doubts on achieving this goal within the short timeframe, but Cerebras’s technology and team has helped us exceed this goal by demonstrating unprecedented 179x performance improvement on molecular dynamics simulations. These results open up new opportunities for materials research and science discoveries beyond what we envisioned. We are excited to continue this collaboration with Cerebras and explore new frontiers in science.”

Aidan Thompson

Sandia National Laboratories, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff

“I have been working in atomistic simulation of materials for more than 20 years. During that time, I have participated in massive improvements in both the size and accuracy of the simulations.  However, despite all this, we have been unable to increase the actual simulation rate.  The wall-clock time required to run simulations has barely budged in the last 15 years.  It is as if we have gone from driving a Model-T Ford on a two-lane dirt road to a Tesla on a 20-lane superhighway, but we still can’t go faster than 55 mph.  Now, with the Cerebras Wafer-Scale Engine, we can all of a sudden drive at hypersonic speeds.  This joint DOE-Cerebras team has accomplished something unprecedented and highly disruptive. I look forward to seeing how this transforms all kinds of scientific research in the near future.”

James H. Laros III

Distinguished Member of Technical Staff and AMT program lead

The partnership between the NNSA laboratories and Cerebras Systems as part of the Advanced Memory Technology (AMT) program reached new heights when the team set their sights on a materials science demonstration which resulted in a speedup that exceeded the goal of the AMT program by more than 4X. This experience bodes well for future impacts to our program and potential scientific advances.

Danny Perez

Los Alamos National Laboratory, Scientist

“It’s been a real pleasure to witness bleeding-edge computer science and engineering lead to the creation of a unique scientific capability to directly simulate the evolution of materials at the nanoscale over unprecedented timescales. Addressing a long-standing challenge in the field that often-prevented direct comparisons between experiments and simulations.”

Our breakthrough: Cerebras WSE accelerates MD simulation speed by 179x – unlocking the millisecond scale for scientists for the first time. Enabling them to see further into the future

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Thanks to the work of our nation’s brightest scientsts using Cerebras hardware and software, we have developed the ability to run MD simulations in the millisecond domain for the first time.  Material scientists can now see into the further by over two orders of magnitude.