"TotalEnergies’ roadmap is crystal clear: more energy, less emissions. To achieve this, we need to combine our strengths with those who enable us to go faster, higher, and stronger… We count on the CS-2 system to boost our multi-energy research and give our research ‘athletes’ that extra competitive advantage."

Vincent Saubestre

CEO & President @ TotalEnergies Research & Technology USA

TotalEnergies and Cerebras

Cerebras, TotalEnergies Announce Stencil Algorithm Leap

This paper, submitted to SuperComputing 2022, explores how the Cerebras sped up TotalEnergies’ stencil code by 200X.

TotalEnergies and Cerebras Create Massively Scalable Stencil Algorithm

TotalEnergies finds 200X speedup, no memory bottleneck, and fast bring-up with CS-2

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TotalEnergies Selects CS-2 to Accelerate Multi-Energy Research

TotalEnergies finds CS-2 200x faster than GPU

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