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September Cerebras Tech Talk!

Why G42, MBZUAI, and Cerebras partnered to build the world's largest Arabic-English language model

On Wednesday, September 20th, at 10am GMT-4 (11pm PT), we will host a 30-minute tech talk to share details about Jais, the world’s largest Arabic-English language model.

Built by G42’s Inception, Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI), and Cerebras, Jais is a bilingual LLM that has been trained on Arabic and English data, plus code in different programming languages.

This Tech Talk will be led by Inception’s Principal Applied Scientist, Neha Sengupta

    • Agenda:
    • Why build an Arabic-Centric LLM?
    • We know Arabic data is limited, how did you overcome this challenge?
    • Other LLMs support Arabic. What makes Jais special?
    • How was Jais trained and finetuned?
    • What can users do with Jais?
    • How can users try out Jais-chat?

How you can contribute

The Cerebras Develop Community is not a spectator sport (unless you want it to be). We urge you to speak up and get involved.

From low effort to more effort …

  • Attend meetings!
  • Ask questions (we do chat Q&A during presentations then a live session at the end)
  • Participate in our surveys
  • Answer questions from your peers
  • Share work you have done on our systems
  • Lead a training seminar

Join our Discourse

Take the conversation further at our Developer Discourse.

Calling all SDK Users!

We are seeking volunteers to help with an SDK user study. If you are an active developer writing code with the Cerebras SDK, we are interested in hearing from you.

To participate, please email us at with the subject “User Study Volunteer” to indicate your interest, and we’ll schedule a 30-minute session with you.


Cerebras Developer Community Meeting 11: Using and Deploying Cerebras-GPT

In our May 2023 Cerebras Developer Community Meeting, Senior ML Engineer, Daria Soboleva, discusses training and deploying our open-source Cerebras-GPT family of models. Additionally, Daria will cover current industry best practices for dataset preparation and using trained models, and will also provide tips and tricks that our team has discovered while training similar models.

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