AI Driven Drug Discovery Summit 2022

Join Cerebras at this Event. Cerebras' Natalia Vassilieva will be speaking.

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Natalia Vassilieva

Director of Product, Machine Learning

Cerebras session date: August 16, 2-2:30 PM
Cerebras session: More Powerful AI Technology Will Transform Drug Discovery
  • To transform the speed, sophistication and safety of drug discovery, researchers must be able to train complex models, using huge domain-specific datasets, in hours so they can run many experiments to test their hypotheses. Today each run can take weeks, which is a major roadblock
  • These capabilities are now in reach, thanks to recent advances in computational biology and ultra-powerful AI accelerator hardware
  • We will present exciting work on cell-specific modelling with both genetic and epigenetic data using a deep language model trained orders of magnitude faster than with traditional infrastructure


If You're Doing Pharma and Life Sciences AI Research Without a Cerebras System, You're Doing it Wrong

Cerebras AI accelerator systems make it possible to train complex models using huge datasets at the speed of science.


Health & Pharma

Cerebras is removing roadblocks to biomedical research, drug discovery, and data-driven healthcare at leading institutions across the globe. We offer cluster-scale deep learning acceleration in a single, easy-to-program device, so your researchers can focus on medical innovation, not on working around the limitations of traditional computing systems.

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How high-performance AI computing is accelerating drug discovery

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations have made significant progress enabling accelerated drug discovery with traditional laboratory and computing methods. However, they have only just begun to harness the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to develop more effective therapeutics faster.