Monterey Data Conference 2022

Cerebras' Natalia Vassilieva will be a panel guest.

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Natalia Vassilieva

Director of Product, Machine Learning

Cerebras panel session date: Weds, Aug 31, 2022 from 10-10:30 AM PT
Cerebras session: Hardware for Scientific AI


A Big Chip for Big Science: Watching the COVID-19 Virus in Action

It’s hard to imagine a better example of “AI for good” than figuring out how the virus that causes COVID-19 works. If we know how it works, we can develop ways to prevent the virus replicating and end a global scourge. I was fortunate to co-author, along with my colleagues Jessica Liu and Tanveer Raza, a massive scientific study to figure out the “how”. The study was nominated for a Gordon Bell Special Prize and presented at this year’s SC21 supercomputing conference.


Scientific Computing

Scientific computing powers research and discovery in fundamental physics and life sciences, leading to important advances enrich our daily lives. But the workloads that drive these applications require massive sparse computation with high bandwidth memory access and communication. Even supercomputers are challenged by this work.

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Hitting a new peak: Scientists enhance X-ray data analysis with artificial intelligence

Using ALCF supercomputing and AI resources, an Argonne team has developed a new method to speed up the analysis of X-ray diffraction data.