Job Duties:

  • Design and develop automation framework for testing of the Cerebras neural network training system to provide a high-quality system software product.
    • Gather automation framework requirements from other software developers and quality assurance engineers.
    • Write detail specifications for functionality, usability and scalability of the framework
    • Develop framework, software libraries and tools in Python and golang.
    • Define regression parameters in YAML data serialization language
    • Design algorithm to quickly detect and isolate defect introduced in software features.
    • Troubleshoot and debug failure, document findings, and fix software defects.
  • Develop software library to write test case results in MongoDB, and design queries for reporting regression results.
    • Provide libraries to store pass/fail results
    • Provide Application Programming Interface (API) to store test execution meta data, execution time, and resources used.
    • Design database queries to report failure and execution time trends.
    • Define storage retention policies to keep logs and results for defined duration.
  • Design and automate Continuous Integration jobs as a pipeline in Jenkins
    • Make sure CentOS Linux environments for these jobs are correctly configured, and then write shell scripts for the jobs.
    • Configure build and regression jobs to be executable on bare metal, VMware infrastructure or Amazon Web Services EC2 instances.
    • Automate verification of availability of Distributed System clusters when build and regression jobs are run.
    • Provide configuration of job to be run on demand or at a regular cadence of hourly and nightly.
  • Automation of workflow in software version control tool Git
    • Define triggers in Git repository to alert other developers to review software code.
    • Define Actions and Webhook to integrate with Jenkins.
    • Code Review Python code of peer developers.
    • Integration of Jira workflow into git using REST API.

Minimum Requirements:  

Master’s degree or foreign equivalent degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or a related field and 3 years of experience as a Member of Quality Assurance, Member of Technical Staff, Sr. Member of Technical Staff, Software Engineer -Apps, Member of the Technical Staff (Senior Software Engineer), or a related occupation required.


The required work experience must include 3 years of experience in software engineering with the following:

  • Building automation framework using Python, Golang, and REST APIs;
  • Building automation lab using Jenkins, docker and either VMware ESXi or RedHat Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM);
  • Creating and Maintaining Git processes;
  • Building automated bug filing system using Atlassian Jira;
  • MongoDB database or other NoSQL Database;
  • Building Continuous Integration for Pull Request regression, Smoke regression, Nightly regression and System regression; and
  • Performing troubleshooting, debugging and root cause analysis of distributed systems software.

Additional Information:

Employer’s name: Cerebras Systems Inc.

Job site : 1237 E Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Telecommuting permitted.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please mail resume with Job# 109 to HR at Cerebras Systems Inc., 1237 E Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085.