Cerebras Systems Inc. has multiple openings for Member of the Technical Staff (Software Engineer)

Job Duties:

    • Design and execute bring-up and integration plans for the Cerebras system. Responsible for end-to-end software integration and execution on hardware.
    • Design and build test scripts for automation and integration using Python and Bash Script.
    • Develop prototype software for machine learning workflow using C and C++ programming. Utilize parallel programming and multithreading to optimize performance.
    • Triage and debug software defects with other development engineers using GDB and Valgrind. This includes the full stack of application software (Python), compiler software (C++), network software (C++), and IO hardware (FPGA).
    • Work with product engineers to solve issues related to customer engagements, including running, monitoring, and debugging customer workloads.

Minimum Requirements:

Master’s degree or foreign equivalent degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, or a related field and 2 years of work experience as Development Engineer, Software Engineer, SOC Design Engineer, Member of the Technical Staff (Software Engineer), or a related occupation required. Employer accepts experience gained before, during or after graduate studies.

The required work experience must include 2 years of experience with the following:

    • Test automation using Python and Bash Script;
    • C and C++ Programming on Linux operating system;
    • FPGA compiler and hardware design;
    • Parallel programming and Multithreading; and
    • Troubleshooting and debugging software defects using GDB and Valgrind.

Additional Information:

Employer’s name: Cerebras Systems Inc.
Job site: 1237 E Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085
Telecommuting permitted.
Salary Range: $185,000.00 per year to $260,000.00 per year

If you are interested in applying for this position, please apply online on this web page or mail resume to HR at Cerebras Systems Inc., 1237 E Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085. Please reference Job # 134 on resume or cover letter.

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