LOS ALTOS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cerebras Systems, the pioneer in high performance artificial intelligence (AI) compute, announced today it has been selected as the “2020 Start-Up to Watch” by the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) for its innovative use and new application of semiconductor technology. For a quarter century, the GSA Awards have recognized the achievements of top performing semiconductor companies in several categories ranging from outstanding leadership to financial accomplishments, as well as overall respect within the industry.

.@CerebrasSystems Wins Global Semiconductor Alliance 2020 “Start-Up to Watch” Award

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“We are honored to win GSA’s Start-Up to Watch award for our work in introducing CS-1, the fastest AI computer in existence, and WSE, the largest chip ever built and the world’s only trillion transistor processor,” said Andrew Feldman, CEO and co-founder, Cerebras Systems. “When we founded Cerebras, our mission was to transform AI compute and reduce the cost of curiosity. We’ve done this by decreasing the time it takes to do the most complicated AI work, from months to minutes and from weeks to seconds, and dramatically increasing the number of ideas that can be tested.”

Cerebras Systems is the creator of the CS-1 system, which is built around the world’s largest processor, the WSE. The WSE is 56 times larger, has 54 times more cores, 450 times more on-chip memory, 5,788 times more memory bandwidth and 20,833 times more fabric bandwidth than the leading graphics processing unit (GPU) competitor. Depending on workload, from AI to HPC, the CS-1 is hundreds or thousands of times faster than legacy alternatives, at a fraction of the power draw and space. This past year, Cerebras announced CS-1 deployments at some of the largest computer facilities in the U.S., including Argonne National LaboratoryLawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) for its groundbreaking Neocortex AI supercomputer, and most recently, at pharmaceutical leader GlaxoSmithKline.

In addition to the GSA Start-Up to Watch award, Cerebras CS-1 has been recognized by numerous industry and media organizations, including Fast Company’s Best World Changing Ideas, IEEE Spectrum’s Emerging Technology Awards, Forbes AI 50 2020, HPC’s Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards and CBInsights AI 100 2020.

“The GSA congratulates Cerebras Systems on winning the 2020 Start-Up to Watch award,” said Jodi Shelton, GSA CEO and co-founder. “We present this award to companies that have demonstrated unparalleled excellence through their vision, innovation, execution and future opportunity, and we look forward to seeing how Cerebras continues to transform the industry in the coming years.”

GSA’s Private Awards Committee, comprised of successful executives, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, chose the “Start-Up to Watch” winner by identifying a promising startup that has demonstrated the potential to positively change its market or the industry through innovation and market application.

More information on these awards can be found at https://www.gsaglobal.org/2020awd/ or on Twitter through the hashtag: #2020GSAawards.

About GSA:

GSA is Where Leaders Meet to establish a profitable and sustainable semiconductor ecosystem. This expanding ecosystem encompasses semiconductors, software, solutions, systems and services. As a leading semiconductor and technology industry organization, we offer an efficient and strategic platform for thought leadership.

GSA has an impressive global footprint representing over 25 countries and 250 corporate members, including 100 public companies. As a result of our unique, neutral platform, our membership ranges from the most exciting, emerging companies to semiconductor industry stalwarts and technology leaders. Our members now represent 70% of the $450B plus semiconductor industry. To learn more about GSA, please visit www.gsaglobal.org.

About Cerebras Systems

Cerebras Systems is a team of pioneering computer architects, computer scientists, deep learning researchers, and engineers of all types. We have come together to build a new class of computer to accelerate artificial intelligence work by three orders of magnitude beyond the current state of the art. The Cerebras CS-1 is the fastest AI computer in existence. It contains a collection of industry firsts, including the Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine (WSE). The WSE is the largest chip ever built. It contains 1.2 trillion transistors, covers more than 46,225 square millimeters of silicon and contains 400,000 AI optimized compute cores. The largest graphics processor on the market has 54 billion transistors and covers 826 square millimeters and has only 6,912 cores. In artificial intelligence work, large chips process information more quickly producing answers in less time. As a result, neural networks that in the past took months to train, can now train in minutes on the Cerebras WSE.


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