Andromeda, a 13.5 Million CoreAI Supercomputer

Andromeda is one of the largest AI supercomputers ever built. It delivers more than 1 Exaflop of AI compute and 120 Petaflops of dense compute.

Andromeda is the only AI supercomputer to ever demonstrate near-perfect linear scaling on large language model workloads, and is extremely simple to use.

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Cerebras Wafer-Scale Cluster

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By the numbers

Andromeda is the largest Cerebras Wafer-Scale Cluster in operation today. The raw statistics are impressive; the performance is incredible.



Cerebras CS-2 systems


ExaFLOP of AI compute


PetaFLOPs of dense compute


AMD Epyc™ Gen 3 cores


terabits-per-second node-node fabric bandwidth

Near-Perfect Performance Scaling

Unlike any known GPU-based cluster, Andromeda delivers near-perfect scaling across GPT-class large language models, including GPT-3, GPT-J and GPT-NeoX.  Near-perfect scaling means that that as additional CS-2s are used, training time is reduced in near perfect proportion.

Model 1 CS-2 2 CS-2 4 CS-2 8 CS-2 16 CS-2
GPT3-XL 1.3B 1 1.99 3.94 7.87 15.50
GPT3-XL 1.3B MSL 10K 1 1.99 3.97 7.95 15.87
GPT3 2.7B 1 1.98 3.91 7.86 15.62
GPT3 6.7B 1 1.99 3.89 7.91 15.45
GPT3 20B 1 1.92 3.75 7.93 15.32
GPT-J 6B 1 1.97 3.65 7.69 14.52
GPT NeoX 20B 1 1.98 3.92 7.89 15.45
GPT-J 25B MSL 10K 1 1.98 3.95 7.92 15.85

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Access to Andromeda is available now, and customers and academic researchers are already running real workloads and deriving value from the leading AI supercomputer’s extraordinary capabilities. If you have an “impossible” problem, we can help.

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