Key Enabling Technologies

Multi-Trillion Parameter Models

Cerebras combines Wafer-Scale architecture with our innovative weight streaming technology to support massive models simply and easily, without complex hacks.

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Ease of Clustering

Erase the pain of distributed computing. Cerebras Clusters run strictly data-parallel, so you can distribute work across tens of millions of Cerebras cores with a single keystroke.

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Linear Scaling Performance

Powered by our weight streaming technology, Cerebras Wafer-Scale Clusters effortlessly deliver near-linear scaling to hundreds of nodes.

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Native Long Sequences

Native hardware support for maximum sequence lengths as long as 50,000 tokens enables more insightful, more accurate models, simply and directly.

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Sparsity Acceleration

Massive memory bandwidth enables Cerebras to harvest structured and unstructured sparsity. Never multiplying by zero means faster training, fewer FLOPs and less energy.

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Featured Case Studies

Cerebras Systems Releases 7 New GPT Models Trained on CS-2 Systems

Cerebras-GPT Models Set Benchmark for Training Accuracy, Efficiency, and Openness.

Cerebras Cluster Trains Large Models on the Full COVID Genome

Input sequences longer than the SARS-CoV-2 genome allows researchers a whole new perspective.

GSK and Cerebras are Advancing the State of the Art in AI for Drug Discovery

Rapidly training previously intractable epigenetic models enables faster experiments and more accurate genetic validation.

Cerebras AI Model Studio brings Wafer-Scale Acceleration to the Cloud

Making training large Transformer models for language or generative AI fast, easy, and affordable for a broader audience.

Featured Models
Model Details Example Model Zoo
GPT-2 GPT-3 The GPT architecture uses autoregressive attention mechanisms to selectively focus on segments of input text it predicts to be the most relevant. GPT-2 has 1.5 billion parameters. The third-generation GPT-3 has variants ranging from 1.3B to 175B parameters. Changing between versions using CSoft merely requires changing a few configuration parameters. Cerebras-GPT family

Genomic GPT models

Sparse GPT training
Cerebras-GPT Repo

GPT-2 Repo

GPT-3 Repo
GPT-J GPT-NeoX GPT-J and GPT-NeoX are open source language models, created by the research group EleutherAI. Two of the most advanced open source alternatives to OpenAI’s GPT-3, they have up to 6 billion and 20 billion parameters respectively. Harnessing GPT-J GPT-J Repo
BERT RoBERTa Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding (BERT) is an encoder-only transformer-based model designed for natural language understanding. RoBERTa is similar to BERT, but has architectural changes made to reduce pre-training time. Financial dataset

Epigenomic BERT
Transformer AIAYN T5 Transformer, also known as Attention is All you Need (AIAYN), started the current wave of transformer architectures. The Text-to-Text-Transfer-Transformer model (T5) expresses all NLP tasks into a unified text-to-text-format where the input and output are always text strings. T5 can be considered as a generalized extension of Transformer. T5 Repo

“We note that these training runs frequently take >1 week on dedicated GPU resources (such as Polaris@ALCF). To enable training of the larger models on the full sequence length (10,240 tokens), we leveraged AI-hardware accelerators such as Cerebras CS-2, both in a stand-alone mode and as an inter-connected cluster, and obtained GenSLMs that converge in less than a day.”

Award-winning research

2022 Gordon Bell Prize for COVID Research

A team led by researchers from Argonne National Laboratory and Cerebras was recognized  for developing the first genome-scale language model to study the evolutionary dynamics of SARS-CoV-2. Their work has the potential to transform how we identify and classify new and emergent variants of pandemic-causing viruses.

At Cerebras Systems, we love it when the CS-2 is vastly faster than large NVIDIA GPU clusters.

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Kim Branson

SVP Global Head of AI and ML @

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