Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Democratizing access to high performance AI compute for academics

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center’s Neocortex supercomputer is designed to accelerate AI research in pursuit of science, discovery, and societal good. Featuring two CS-2 systems, Neocortex is democratizing access to high performance AI compute to academics who require fast turnaround on training to analyze data and integrate AI with simulation.


“We are extremely excited to welcome the CS-2 servers into Neocortex. This upgrade enhances support for new models, algorithms and research opportunities. We look forward to the breakthroughs that the now even greater capabilities of Neocortex would enable. We will continue working with the research community to help them take advantage of this technology that is orders of magnitude more powerful.”

Paola Buitrago

Principal Investigator of Neocortex and Director, AI and Big Data, PSC

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center and Cerebras

PSC Upgrades Neocortex AI Supercomputer with New Cerebras Engines

New Cerebras Systems technology will double capacity, allow larger deep-learning models and data

PSC combines Cerebras and HPE Superdome Flex for 800,000-core AI supercomputer

System Integration of Neocortex, a Unique, Scalable AI Platform



Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) and Cerebras Systems Fireside Chat


PSC Neocortex Collaboration with Cerebras System – Wafer-Scale Engine